Keep it in Your Back Pocket

Writers are really good at beating themselves up. No matter how much progress we make, we always hunger for more. It’s difficult to feel accomplished when drowning in a sea of manuscripts and unfinished pieces.

Paper drowning

Trying to figure out how to set your course through the winds of writing often seems  as fruitful as trying to teach an apple how to read. Maybe it’s just me, but every time I have tried to direct my writing career, it veered in a completely different direction. This is why I just let the current carry me. Sure we have to set the sails, need to put in some effort, but you can’t force it. (Okay enough boat references, you get the point)

Some days I get so ambitious it’s hard to sit still. The waiting game can be a real downer man. Messages from readers, working on new material, and life eases the need. And then there are places like facebook that pull some memory out of its ass and you sit back and go, “Oh yeah.”

I usually hate that shit, but it’s been pretty helpful over the past week or two. Reminded me of a couple of pretty awesome anniversaries that I wouldn’t remember if the world depended on it. haha

It’s now been 2 years since I signed my first book deal.

cover image
I love everyone!

Getting that first contract was something that happened so fast, I didn’t even know I was a writer yet. heehee Lookign back on that kind of slows me down, let’s me sit back and go, “Fuck yeah! I DID that!”

We need those moments.

My 2nd book turned 1 last week.


It’s a fun little novelette that I’m proud of despite it being pretty much the opposite genre of my first book. I love exploring all types of stories. My technique has improved immensely and I’ve  had 2 more book deals on top of that.

Writers need those milestones to keep them going. We need to keep them close, tuck them in our back pockets as a reminder that no matter how far we think we still have to go, we have come a long way.

If you’re unpublished, you should get in the game. Seeing your work in a magazine-print especially-makes it all worth it. Give you the boost you’re going to need later, if not now. Even self-publishers should try to submit to a magazine every once in a while, I really believe this.

Keeping yourself relevant is important in this industry. We always need to be working on something new. Just don’t forget the stories that have already breathed life and helped mold you. Sure we need to always strive for more, but we take it a bit far sometimes. Writers always do. haha

too far

Praise yourself at least once every few months. Do something to celebrate each achievement. Life is an adventure, don’t forget to enjoy it while your weaving your own worlds.

2 thoughts on “Keep it in Your Back Pocket

  1. Shannon Noel Brady says:

    Agreed! Every step of progress is an achievement, whether it be a publication or struggling through 100 words on a WIP. All steps deserve reward, because they’re all hard and they all matter and they all get us a little closer to our goals. 🙂

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