How Long Have You Been Writing?

There’s nothing like being pelted with a barrage of questions the second people learn you’re an author. It’s a great topic of conversation because writing is a very common art form. Words are everywhere. They come at us from all angles everyday. They’re hanging in the air as we drive down the highway, plastered on cars and clothes, and still somehow printed in those amazing things that true word lovers call books.

The question that always gets me is: How long have you been writing? That’s a fun one. I’m not sure about most word smiths, but I  began playing with make believe at a young age and found out way to scribbling those ideas onto paper. Once I went to school it took off.


But a lot of people who ask the question of how long I’ve been writing mean professionally. How long have I been pursuing this wackadoo profession. That’s fun as well because I had my first article published a little over 5 years ago, but I wasn’t trying to be a writer. People have always come to me for advice and someone suggested I write about my experiences, so I did. I even ended up with a regular gig for the examiner. (But that’s not really that difficult)

Even so, I wasn’t looking to go after a career in writing. It was a hobby. A fun way to connect with others, I still feel that way most of the time. haha

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If I go from my first book deal, that was 2 years ago. That’s where I feel that things really turned into something for me. It wasn’t until I had a children’s book coming out that I felt I needed to up my game. The Children’s book genre is fun and exciting, but it’s not the only area where I wanted to stretch my voice.

Once I decided it was time to actually focus on better shaping my stories, that’s when the need for a website and social media profiles became important. Everyone’s a writer nowadays, but not everyone can be an author. I was lucky, I fell into this by naturally progressing and letting the wind blow me in the right direction.


Okay, maybe I’m not as cool as Pocahontas,  but I’ve had this blog for 2 years now. My children’s book has been out for over a year and a half and I have three other books out there in a couple of other genres. I have 3 (technically 4) unpublished novels that are nearing the green light.

How long have I been writing?

Forever. Since yesterday. The answer changes based on how I’m feeling philosophically on the day I’m asked it because there could be other mes in other dimensions writing better and longer. Hell, I may have written in a past life.


It’s a fun conversation that usually gains a lot of laughter. I adore everyone who wishes to inquire about my love of writing.


How long have YOU been writing?

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