‘A Good Breakfast’

Wild Ink

I wrote this story for the debut event of Liars’ League Blackpool; the theme (for obvious reasons) was ‘Bed & Breakfast’. You can watch Katy Darby’s wonderful reading of the story here.

A good breakfast is important because it gives you something to look forward to while you’re crying yourself to sleep at night.

I poke the bacon about the pan. It fizzes at me rewardingly. There’s a shop-bought muffin sliced in two on a plate on the worktop beside me and on the back burner a saucepan of water is coming to the boil. I flip open the eggbox and pick out a brown egg (I have the idea that a brown egg is somehow more wholesome than a white egg). I bash it on the saucepan’s edge and break the shell apart one-handed: the yolk drags the reluctant white into the hot water. I put a lid…

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