Book Trades

I don’t write for money, but like every artists who struggles with capitalizing off of their creations, I have to survive. Good thing day jobs exist. Even so there’s even a more fun way around this, the good old-fashioned barter system. (Read that in your grandfather’s voice please)

There is an amazing amount of talented individuals out there. We’re all trying to do something, be something, share something that has meaning. I love supporting other authors, musicians, visual artists, anyone who really puts their heart into what they do, but like everyone else I have limited fundage.

That’s why trades are my favorite way of connecting with other writers and artists. I love to read just about anything, and hell if you want to knit me a  scarf in exchange for a book, I’m all about it!

So if you’re an author or musician or creative individual, let’s trade. It’s my preferred commerce anyway. I have my space opera, and my children’s book, take your pick and we can exchange our materials, because it’s all about the human connection, right?!

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