Escape the Race (Book Review)

I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers writing reviews for well known books that have been out for a while. While I get the appeal to chime in and discuss your take on a popular work, I have a soft spot for the indie market. Not just because I am an indie author myself, but because my favorite author is an indie writer, and I have found so many amazing voices on the indie circuit.

So I’ve decided it’s time to blog about the books that have a fresh take. (Because it’s no secret that mainstream bestsellers are oftentimes the same stories again and again) So I want to jump right in and say that Dante Harker’s Escape the Race has a light-hearted way of taking on some REAL issues without being preachy or annoying.

This is a story of a group of strangers coming together from different backgrounds for a volunteer teaching program in the south pacific. It seems like a great way to do some good while also offering a change of scenery. If you love to travel, this is a book for you. If you have ever wanted to pack up and leave everything behind (and most of us have even if we won’t admit it), this delves into the fantasy and the reality of what can happen.

I of course appreciated that there were 3 main characters and their diversity really offers something for everyone. Harker writes women very well. There are a lot of male writers out there who don’t seem to take the time to really try and understand their female characters, but that is not an issue in this book. I loved Kate, she was exceptionally relatable, even if you’re not like her.

Keith was a fun character, who ended up surprising me with more depth as the story evolved and I loved reading Dillon. Dillon’s story is the one that seems to really carry the story. His issues with his identity and a past of being forced to be what he is not really got to me. There are not enough homosexual characters in literature, and what I really loved about Dillion is that the story doesn’t center around the fact that he is gay, but how he struggles because of what he has been through for being different.

I have this thing for favorite lines. If I find lines that I truly love in a book I will underline them, circle them, and sometimes memorize them. My favorite from this one was: It is really shocking how much we try to change ourselves thanks to how we think others will react”.

Of course, there were a few grammatical errors that I did notice, but when you enjoy a story enough, none of those matter. This is a good read and I am happy to recommend it. (I only plan on reviewing books I like, since I have no interest in ripping on anyone’s work.)


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