Renaissance Writers

I abhor the typical images of a cranky old drunk man hiding from society writing all day every day. This is NOT how my writing experiences have been nor do I think many writers actually live like this. Sure we all fantasize about giving a big middle finger to society sometimes, and all artists occasionally need to close themselves off from the outside world to explore their subconscious, but a lot of us are so much more than some stupid stereotype paints.


I know I’m an odd duck. I actually enjoy going out and being around people. haha Not only that, but instead of shackling myself to my work, I have a wide range of artistic interests that help me to live better, which in turn aid me in my efforts to tell better stories.

A lot of writers are more than just word addicts. We’re also musicians, painters, sculptors, roller derby girls, and so on. My philosophy on getting published has always been “adventure first, then write”. You have to have something worth writing about to draw from to really touch people.


That’s where the creative brain does best, immersed in new ideas, different chord progressions. If the mythical “writers block” does exists, (I’m still not sold on it because I never run out of ideas) I imagine it may be due to a lack of variety in brain stimulation.

If we accept writing quotes and memes as fact, then writer’s are drunk, caffeine addicts who hate people and live in a bathrobe. haha We all know that’s horse shit!

Many of the writers I know play at least one instrument. I play 2, technically 3 if you include my voice. Having some other craft to work on while stressing out over a current writing project is a great way to take the pressure off. It not only reduces stress but it also combats “writer’s guilt”

I’m finally going to see Civil War at the theatre tonight and I’m already starting to feel bad about going out to enjoy a movie instead of working on one of my writing pieces. Goddess forbid I NOT work. heeheework

It’s how I am. I sleep about 6 hours a night and when I’m not sleeping, I am exercising, writing product descriptions for my day job, writing and editing novels for my dream job, teaching and playing with my kids, working on music, wandering the lost land of the great outdoors, or cleaning. There is no time for sitting still. I hate wasting time staring at screens, unless the programming really captivates me.

I have been waiting to see Civil War for months now, and I WILL enjoy it. But the point is, keeping busy often ignites the creative spark. maybe that’s just me. I’m sure there is some bedridden woman out there who can write novels way better than I ever could. And if that’s your thing, WRITE ON!

I am happy when I find out that there have been plenty of cross genre, boundary skipping weirdos out there. Writers don’t have to just be writers. No one should ever have to be any one thing.

Thomas jeff violin

Thomas Jefferson was quite a writer and philosopher, but he also played the violin and was a great horseman. Albert Einstein played the piano and the violin. Mark twain played the accordion, the banjo, guitar, the piano and pretty much whatever the hell the man wanted, because he was Mark fucking Twain. haha

Lewis Carroll was said to shoot pictures as much as he wrote. Sylvia Plath did paintings. Langston Hughes was so close to music that a lot of his works read like written song.

Langston Hughes

I love being a writer and author, it is a huge part of who I am, but it is not all that I am. I appreciate those in the writing community who extend their talents beyond just writing. It takes a great deal of thought to sort out ones ideas, and other forms of expression are often the best aids for this kind of work.

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