Next Book Signing

I love summer! Bring on the heat AND the readers. A lot of outdoor book events seem to fill up from May-Oct. At the heart of this are my favorite experiences. Getting out to talk to other authors and book lovers is incomparable.


You guys are the reason that being an author is worth while. I have so much love for book nerds of all kinds. Every time I do a signing I meet the most interesting people and hear extraordinary stories. This is my favorite part of the job. I get to listen to you guys tell me your tales and describe your experiences.

Sometimes a writer just likes to listen and absorb.

So come find me at my next event. I will be signing copies of my children’s book:

1 jess 6

And my space opera

small EE cover

I’ll be ready to greet you from 10-7 on Sat June 4th

And 10-5 on Sunday June 5th at:

Tower Grove Park

4256 Magnolia Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

And no worries. I will be traveling in September. I’ll be in KC on Sept 11th

and in Chicago on Sept 18th

there will also be some more local events for my St. Louis peops and travelers.

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