6 Color Pictures


6 Color Pictures

By Dash Crowley

Take those pictures down, she said. They don’t look right there.

Aw, come on, he said. I think they really bring some light into this room.


What do you mean? he said.

They just…bother me. I’m sorry.

Well, then I’ll just put them in my office, he answered.

He was not sure how pictures of flowers could disturb a woman, but he wasn’t ready to start another argument with his fiancee and he carefully removed each marigold photograph from its nail – nails he’d spent over an hour making sure were properly lined up, properly level, and properly spaced – and placed them in a small pile.

I’m sorry, honey, he said. He carried the pile of his artwork into the other room with his head slightly hung. She had never been one to truly support his hobby. He knew he wasn’t a…

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