Author Spotlight: Richard Symth

My fav modern author!

European Geeks Publishing

A British mastermind, Richard Symth has his hands in every inkwell. He’s an editor, author, cartoonist, and question-setter for popular television shows and crosswords. With several books on the market, Richard is inspiring authors and authors-to-be with his spectacular use of the written word.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I always wanted to write, I think. I’m not sure when that spilled over into wanting to write for a living. When I was around 16-17, I think – about twenty years ago.

Which writers inspire you?

The Big Two for me are Vladimir Nabokov and Martin Amis. I find their work just staggering in terms of what can be done with the language. Other than them, pretty much everyone I’ve ever read – non-fiction writers not excepted – has inspired me one way or another. The novelists that spring most readily to mind include Salman…

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