Keep the Pennies:Be Diverse

Get other and LIVE or you’ll have nothing to write about

Words By Geoff

So, you’re a writer?  This means you do nothing but sit in a room by yourself drinking whiskey, smoking cigarettes and snorting lines of coke.  When you wake up?  You drink coffee with more cigarettes, whiskey and cocaine.  Right?

Not remotely.

Believe it or not, writers are human beings.  While some writers do have moments or days or months, years even, of great isolation and substance abuse issues, present company included, our lives aren’t limited to this.  As said, writers are people too.

Writers are mums and dads, mechanics and shop workers. Writers are student-activists and gamers.  Writers are tech programmers and sound engineers, movie fanatics and gourmet chefs.  We are the secret agents of the art world but yet again, we are so much more.

Take me: yes, I am a writer first and foremost.  I am also a lover and a fighter who will kill and die for…

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