A Trip Down Reality Lane (book quotes)

Being an author myself I have the added benefit of getting to know fellow authors with as much if not far more talent than I have. Ian Thomas Malone has quite a catalog of published works and here are my favorite quotes from one of his best novels:

-Maybe it was my rose-tinted sunglasses. I’ve always liked the way they change the color of practically everything outside. They don’t change anything drastically, like the “seeing life through rose-colored glasses” idiom suggests. I like the change that is slight enough that the same old world I’m used to seeing feels new, even if just for a second.

-A creative mind needs its fuel. Otherwise it’s just boring.

-It’s also wise not to draw attention to yourself.

-but I thought of all the people who worked even harder than I did and still didn’t have the means to get where I was. This gave me a newfound desire to make good on the opportunities I had been afforded.

-It felt good to sit for a second, just for the sake of sitting.

-I needed to treat her with the class she deserved, and certainly the respect she expected from me after I asked her out.

-All that any of us can do is to take charge of our situations as best we can and hope everything else falls into place.

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