Not Just Another Day

Happy Memorial Day!

I recently heard the argument that we shouldn’t say “Happy Memorial Day” given that it is meant as a day to remember fallen soldiers and we have forgotten the meaning behind it when we just enjoy BBQs and go swimming. I have known too many soldiers to agree. I am of the philosophy that we enjoy this day to honor those who weren’t able to make it home. What did they die for if not to give us the opportunity to enjoy life?

american flag

That’s just my take. It’s part of why I wrote Gwen the way I did in book 3 of my Embracing Entropy Series: Perfect Chaos. She is a soldier raised by a soldier. I drew from my father, my grandfather, and other soldiers I have known to write the parts of everyone aboard the ship in Perfect Chaos.

smaller PC

Just like most of the vets I know today, Gwen and her crew would feel the same way. Memorial Day isn’t just a free day off and as long as we remember that, and maybe take a moment to think on it while we swim and/or enjoy some BBQ, then we are honoring our fallen soldiers as best we can. By living the American spirit.

American spirt

Okay, maybe a little too much spirit there.


Hmm, not quite right either.


thank you

Puts it in perspective.


And if anyone feels that it is not enough there are plenty of VAs around to visit or volunteer at.

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