Buy My Books! (please)

Why do writers write? Is it because they have something to say? They are creative? The are completely fucking insane?


Yes, yes, and yes.

I mainly write to play with the crazy circus running through my head. The real question is: why do writers publish?

Taking the step from writer to author is a great feeling. there’s the sense of accomplishment, the ability to put yourself out there in a professional manner. Some wish to get rich quick. (I don’t recommend writing as a very effective platform for that-it’s way more rare than we are led to believe haha)

Publishing is about reaching out to readers. Hoping to touch someone with your words. And maybe, just maybe get compensated for your work.


That’s the kicker.

Getting back at least an ample amount to break even isn’t always easy. It depends on which publishing routes you take and how you fund author events. (Don’t skimp on these-they’re essential to growing a fan base)


Author events are the key to really reaching readers and sharing the human connection. The reclusive tendencies of most writers have to melt away. because you’re dealing with bookworms, and bookworms are chill.

I have my next event this weekend, Saturday August 6th from 10am-2pm at the Kirkwood Community Center in St. Louis.

It’s going to be AMAZING! there are always people to talk to and other authors to mingle with. Book trades are my favorite.


Branching out is also important. I’ll be at the KC Pagan Pride fest on September 11th and the Chicago Pagan Pride Day on September 18th. These are the venues where I loke to dance around and really try to move some stock.

No one wants to hear a writer screaming “Buy my books” on social media all day. We have to earn our keep and prove our worth, just like in any other profession.

I hope I’ll see some of you this weekend!

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