It is Truly an Honor to be Nominated

There are a LOT of awards out there. For each form of media there are hundreds of awards. Books have a wide range from traditional to self-published, writing accolades are everywhere.

Some charge fees to be considered some are only bestowed on those that a chosen committee select based on sales, reviews, etc. I have submitted my works to some on both ends of the spectrum and enjoyed the hopeful wait to be notified of the winners and graciously congratulate them. haha

My book, By the Stars, been nominated for a Summer Indie Book Award!

By the Stars Cover final

I did not enter this one, so I’m totally stoked. It’s always good to have a publisher to back you and point out opportunities. I received the official nomination Monday and although we have a long way to go until the winners are announced, I have to take a moment and thank you guys.

I don’t just write for myself. If I did I’d never attempt to publish anything. My readers, you lovely book nuts are my kinda people and I luv ya!

The next round here is voting.

The Summer Indie Book Awards are determined by a panel of judges AND your votes. The polls open up on September 1st. So read up if you haven’t already and get ready to cast your votes.

Nominee badge

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