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2016 isn’t over yet, but I’m already looking to 2017. You have to in the publishing industry, in any industry really. I’ve gotten used to uncertainty. Was raised with a good amount of it, so I guess I was brought up for the writing life. haha

This year’s book tour is my first. I finally have enough material to take it on the road and really reach people. I am not the typical shut-in writer. I am clearly NOT an introvert. If I were I doubt I’d care about my audience as much as I do.

Even as a people person, building a book tour was a bit harrowing. I had to fund it and plan it. I’m an indie author, it’s what we do. With 5 events spanning 3 cities, the four I have attended were all learning experiences. the farther I get from home the more contacts I meet. (sounds about right I guess)


When you’re on the road you get to open yourself up to new possibilities and have to rely on the kindness of others a bit. My last event is here in St. Louis, home sweet home. That’s at the St. Charles Local Author Open House from 6-8pm on November 17th. I attended it last year and know what to expect. It’s a great way to wrap things up.

Book events and grasping for a wider reach is part of the job to me. The longer I do this the more people approach me, “I know your name, you write don’t you.” (Love hearing that)

But it goes further than building a brand. It’s about building relationships and keeping focused on material. When I get home all I want to do is write more, and to make every story better. People WANT to believe in others. They also don’t want to be let down.

Hitting Chicago and Kansas City did everything I needed this year. I’ve had requests to head out to Texas and Tennessee. At the last event it was suggested that I get out to Kentucky.

Feeling things out for next year is work. I plan to go back to Chicago and Kansas City. The goal is to make it to Windycon so I have more time to play with my Chicagoan peops. Sci-fi and Fantasy conventions are everywhere in this country and I will definitely be at a few next year.

June seems to be a popular month for outdoor events, but a lot of the conventions are held in September and October. I’m working to try and spread things out a bit. Hoping to get to a few more cities and hopefully sell some books! haha

So here are some of the events I’m looking into joining. Let me know if there’s one in your city and you want me to be there.

Columbus, OH-Ohayocon Jan 2017

Seattle, WA-Norwestcon April 13-16 2017

Little Rock, AR-Arkansas Literary Festival Arp 27-30 2017

Indianapolis, IN-Inconjunction June 2017

New Orleans, LA-Bouchercon Sept 2017

Atlanta, GA-Dragoncon Labor day weekend 2017

St. Louis, MO-Archon October 2017 (It’s in my city, I’m gonna be there)

Louisville, KY-Imaginarium Convention Oct 2017

Chicago, IL-Windycon Nov 2017 (I’m planning on it)

I will be at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic and most likely the Kansas City Pagan pride Day. I’m working out the details to do Gateway Con and Penned Con here in STL as well.


Here’s looking to next year. I’m hoping to “bump into” some of you there.

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