“The Magic of Trees” quotes


My latest book release, “The Magic of Trees,” is about so much more than just connecting with nature. It’s about utilizing the power and symbology of trees to better ourselves in any situation.

But what does that really mean?

Here are my favorite top 10 quotes from the book to give you a better understanding:

-Wisdom is better found in the quiet. Tree meditations dull the noises of society.

-No matter what happens, growth and survival are possible under any circumstance.

-I have had to look to the trees growing in the forest of my heart to clear my thoughts.

-There is a consciousness that pulses beside the man-made world completely undetected.

-The trees that surround my home are trusted friends.

-I want everyone to know that nothing can prevent them from growing and maturing as needed.

-The trees remain friendly regardless of where I go or who I meet.

-Like the sequoias and pin oaks, like cacti and seaweed, humanity too can age with grace and beauty.

-The magic of trees lives within us but cannot flourish without proper nourishment.

-Growth is a constant ritual.

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