Finish Dammit

I constantly hear people talking about writing.


We’re all writers, we get it. Everyone has a story inside of them. Everyone has a voice. All that Kumbayah crap. Woohoo! But your voice doesn’t mean shit if you don’t get your story ready and published.

There are all sorts of inspirational quotes and memes about “The hardest part is starting” and “All you have to do is write one page everyday.” I love encouraging others, but a lot of the generic shit you read online is junk. It’s a fantasy trying to pander to the belief that we are all artists. And yeah, I guess we are. That’s the cool part.


The thing is, your artwork-what you produce-is what defines you as an artist so if you never finish your work you just come off as lazy or uninspiring. No one ever called an unpublished writer a great author. FINISHING is the hardest part. Getting your ass to the end is what matters.  However you need to, get your work there. Everything can be improved upon later.

The #1 thing I hear from people at book signings and other author events is, “I started a book once, couldn’t finish it.”


That speaks worlds.


Anyone can start anything.


Many start out writing a book, few finish, and even less get published. It’s a harsh truth. It’s frightening and can seem cold, BUT those who really persevere are the ones who make it to the end. The writers who soldier on and fight through every internal battle find the relief and reward of finality.

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