Last Chance

2016 has sucked ass for a LOT of us. I had to move my children out of the home they were born in, got divorced, and of course…look at all the shit going on in the world. Despite this, I was able to run my 1st book tour. I hit some familiar territory in my hometown of St. Louis, and traveled to Kansas City and Chicago.


No matter how bad things get it is the love and kindness of the people I meet that give me hope. My books are all about diversity and overcoming challenges. They attract a wide range of readers and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.


Last week was hell for a great deal of people. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, everyone has been impacted by the media’s polarization of our society. I’ve seen friends and family members literally give up on each other over social media posts.

Thankfully there is good news to be shared. Luckily there will always be people who care. No matter what happens we can always do better. Being a writer magnifies issues, I tend to examine things a little too closely, but that also offers perspective (not too much, but some).

I write because I love sharing the human connection. It’s how I got sucked into this publishing mess in the first place. It was never my aim. I was a no-name singer who stepped into my own writing column shortly after becoming a mother.

Traveling to talk and chill with my readers is my favorite part of the job. It’s been a hell of a ride and the tour has one last stop. This Thursday November the 17th I will be at the St. Charles-City/County Library Branch from 6pm-8pm signing copies of my science fiction space opera Embracing Entropy.


In this tale, earth is dying and an alien race comes to offer us aid. They allow humans passage to their planet so we can survive. The story follows a family as they travel across the universe and acclimate to a new culture and planet.

If you have some time, come check it out or just visit. There will be other authors with great material. It’s like a big book party where word lovers can come and feel at home.

book dance.gif

The 2017 book tour is shaping up to be even more exciting. My 2nd children’s book has recently been accepted for publication and the release on that is TBD. I’m always looking ahead, but this week I’m ready to sit down and just be with my people.



2 thoughts on “Last Chance

  1. theresa holm says:

    good post. wish we had more time in our schedule to visit you during your book signing. glad though i can see you at the writers guild conference.

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