Contesty Poo

One of the best parts of what I do is supporting others. I love finding new authors, more stories, better characters, exceptional settings…there is no end to the awesomeness that we can create.


As an editor, some days I rely on the work of others to keep me going. Very few people know how close I get to giving up at times. But there is something about the spark of creativity that refuses to let go, especially when I get inspired by the originality or pure skills of the talent surrounding me.


So when my friend, the awesome Dante Harker, came to me about starting a writing competition of our own, I jumped on it.


I’ve been dicked around by publications before, dealt with trying editors who are more self-involved than understanding of the overall themes that give a story its heart. Our goal here is to offer an opportunity while being friendly AND professional-and of course to have fun.

Stress and self-doubt are too prominent in the writing community. Contests often contribute to the anxiety, but the No Borders competition is made to share our love of the human connection. This contest is for TRAVEL FICTION. We want travel stories, funny, sad, scary-we don’t care if you write deep modern lit or giant giraffe monster fantasy. (Being a genre hopper myself, I like a wide variety of tales.) This round has a simple theme: Wandering and is open to submissions until March 31st.


There will be 4 different No Borders competitions held this year. Each competition has 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes-the best being that all winners from every competition held this year will be published in an anthology titled: (you guessed it) No Borders.

We’re hoping to list the deadlines and themes for the rest of the upcoming competitions soon. If you’re not ready to Wander, I have it on pretty good authority that the summer competition will open in June and have a theme surrounding the concept of: Heat-or something similar. (So if you want to get started on that…)

Check it out. Send us something. (I LOVE reading other people’s stuff-for REALLY REAL)

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