2 Days of Book signing and only a little rain (depending on what you consider little haha)

My feet are still throbbing, my thumbs keep popping, and my brain is about to explode with ideas!


All part-in-part of the Pagan Picnic after effects. Every year I set up a book at this 2 day festival and meet a wide variety of the BEST people. Everyone is always welcome, the fun of being a Pagan is that we don’t really care what you are as long as you give love. (Yep-there’s a bit of hippie tree-hugging stuff in there, but it’s all in good fun.)


I saw old faces, got acquainted with new and signed a LOT of books. It was, as always, an event to remember!


With a new children’s book out, and a couple of collaborations as well my book table was full. Each year I have more work and there is nothing like getting to share it with people who appreciate it.



Saturday was sunny and hot. (My kinda weather!-I love extremes. hot and sticky or dry and cold are my favs, but I love it all haha) It was an awesome atmosphere to set up and enjoy good conversation with book lovers and friendly spirits.

Yes, my kids came with and apparently turned into nightmare flowers haha

My neighbors are always the best (they make my favorite lotions and soaps) and across from my is the gyro stand. If you’ve never had a gyro on a bright warm day, I insist you try it! haha Basically there was something for everyone and I always feel a wealth of gratitude to live in St. Louis because despite how the media portrays us, we have a lot to offer.


There was a rainbow of people and personalities that fit everything I believe in. It is events like this that remind me why I write, and more importantly who I am writing for. I write for everyone of course, but that’s what makes the St. Louis Pagan Picnic so important, because of the variety of people who attend regardless of race, religion, gender, or pizza topping preferences. (I don’t care if you don’t like pineapple on your pizza, I do and I’m not asking you to. haha)

Saturday is always the big day. 10 hours on my feet meeting and greeting children, adults, childish adults (that is so me), 30 year olds trapped in 7 year old bodies; the usual!

Sunday was short and sweet. 7 hours were cut to 5 or 6 due to massive thunderstorms that reminded me why I have a giant Tupperware bin to hold my books.


But the highlight was finally meeting Selena Fox. She is a very big influence in the Pagan/spiritual community. Her work is admirable and she accepted my hug with such a natural air I didn’t even realize how annoying I probably was. haha

It is always nice to put a presence with a profile. So many of us connect online now that we know each other enough to recognize, but not enough to have the full experience. I fully intend to make the trip up to Circle Sanctuary and see Selena in her own element, but for now it was a nice surprise.


This is why I love doing events. When I can meet my readers in person, I am truly in my element.


Unfortunately I do have some bad news to announce. I have to cancel my book tour stop in Indianapolis. I was super stoked to attend InConJunction, but with the loss of stock due to some rain, and a few other little snafus I will have to hold off until next year. BUT I do promise that if I am able to attend next year I will not only be there as my usual silly self, but I should have a new release! (Shhh, details being worked out)

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