Big News

I’ve sat on it for a few years. Edited it again and again, sent it out for feedback, used the awesome services of my editor, Mark Schultz – over at Word Refiner (he’s good AND affordable, if anyone’s looking). Finally the day has come, my new series is signed with Solstice Publishing.


Blood of the Ultains: The Tale of Bronherrn is now in publishing production. This sword & sorcerer tale took a lot out of me and I can’t wait to see how he does.

The indie market can be a crazy place. This will be the 5th publisher I’ve worked with. Their stats are good. They have a good number of bestsellers on their roster and a few award winners. I plan to get on both lists, but first I need a release date and cover art! haha

Alongside this news comes a new development. My Embracing Entropy series will be unavailable starting later this week. (Those of you who want this future collector’s item, get to it!) I am being released from  my contracts with European Geeks to rework some kinks and eventually get a 2nd edition out with a larger publisher.


It’s been a fun ride. Working with Elisha Neubauer has been an adventure and I wish her all the best.

Writing and publishing has taught me a lot. The main thing: Never stop moving forward. I pretty much had it down already, but that philosophy becomes even more important when you’re an author.


This next release is the 1st in a trilogy I have mapped out. Book two is already started, but this will be a longer process than the Embracing Entropy novellas. I get to play with my influences on a deeper level. Imagine Vikings meets Conan with hints of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tolkien.

I’m terrible at keeping secrets so as soon as I have a release date and can share cover art, it will be posted for all to enjoy.


Time to get back on the trail and follow it through.

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