Know Your Worth

No matter what field you’re in, it’s often easy to just go with the flow and accept what is offered to you. When offered a contract for a story you wrote, you feel so damn grateful that anyone would want to publish you that it’s difficult to separate those emotions from the business. But it is VITAL!

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To succeed in any industry, and especially publishing you must know your worth. This has been a seesaw balancing act for me through my 6 year pro writing career. I’ve had some good deals and some bad ones, and one or two that I just don’t really even talk about.


When I first started out I had no idea what I was doing, no plan, and very little direction. (This is what happens when you fall into a writing gig without trying)


But each deal, each contract can give you more knowledge. I was born to experience life face first and with that comes the ability to learn from your mistakes. I do my best to focus on my successes instead of my failures because if people knew how many times I failed they may not understand why I continue to keep at this writing life.

Like many newbie authors, I started out thinking I was at my best and that I would change the world with my words. Some typos, less than perfect cover art, and opportunities to take my work elsewhere due to contract expirations later and I am still swinging. As always there are the good days filled with acceptances (I received 2 just today) and the worst ones where you get rejections, a bad review, and rent is late (been there too). There is a reason why the good writers are all in their 50s haha


It takes years to build an audience, polish your shit til it’s perfect, AND have the perfect team surrounding you to help get your work out to everyone.

As always there are a lot of new developments forming in the background here of: My Life as an Unexpected Author. (Oooo that could so be a show). There’s been a bit of heartache lately, but thankfully it’s on the business side and I have a wealth of love pouring in from loyal fans and new readers over my latest release.

You guys make it all worthwhile. I always wanna work my ass off to make sure that I keep getting better so I deserve the praise. Accepting that your work has a place in this world is important. Appreciating the process and the product once everything comes together is something writers don’t do enough.

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I’ve seen artists an musicians who are the same way. Hell, I had a lawyer friend and knew a doctor that never felt like they did enough. But THAT is what means the most; that no matter what you’re doing, you’re always working to do what you can as good as you can.

4 thoughts on “Know Your Worth

  1. mudpilewood says:

    A great post – except for the writers in their 50’s bit (being 50 has its compensations). But can I add that today as a newly published children’s writer, be it by an assisted publishing house Emu Ink, I saw the great side of writing for kids of 6 years – 9 years. An author visit was fun, better than fun, unpredictable and whacky. Their questions spun my head about, but their love of what they read filled me and Sara (illustrator) with pride in our work. To see a class room full of 7-8 year olds filled with enthusiasm had us grinning. So never quit, the rewards are not necessarily counted in the bank but will fill your heart.

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