Another Glowing Review

Every author wants good reviews. From the very start of my career I not only wanted great reviews, but to know that my stories are meaningful. It is incredibly difficult to judge your own work and see the finished product with an unbiased view, but the reviews for my recent release, The Golden Rule, have been more than encouraging.


Book bloggers and everyday readers mean everything in the world of writing. The praise my little story has received keeps me going. And when professional reviewers add their own kind words, I know that I am doing what I was meant to do.

This writing thingy has been a crazy ride. I fell into it without trying. Sometimes I wonder what the hell I’m doing and think about moving on, but it is my readers and the support of the writing community, reviewers, and publishers that reminds me of how I got here and why I love it.


Rosie Malezer of Readers’ Favorite published her review of, The Golden Rule, earlier this week. This line sums it up perfectly: Jessica Marie Baumgartner’s tale of love, friendship and unconditional acceptance is a welcome breath of fresh air.

I don’t sit down with an agenda when I write children’s books. My main goal is to tell a story that my children will appreciate. If it’s good enough, I try to get it illustrated and published.

This story was written in 2014, but is more relevant than ever and I am so glad to share it with anyone who wants to listen.

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