What’s More Patriotic than a FREE book?

Happy 4th of July eve!


Tomorrow I will be doing my usual running around singing songs from the musical 1776 as loud as I can before swimming, and potentially eating too many carbs.


I love history. Well, I love history when it’s taught in a way that makes me really feel the life and the souls of the people who were there. Which is why history class was a drag (Who cares about memorizing names and dates old dead men and battles? yuck), but art history, classic literature, and historical musicals are my jam!

Music and art really bring past cultures to life, but the written word is our only true time-travel-machine atm. Reading about the past helps me to understand myself better. I used to buy into the “we teach history so we don’t repeat it” garbage, but the more we seem to teach history (or certain cherry picked events from it) the more we seem to be repeating this cipher of humanistic insanity, so I have no clue as to why we do anything anymore.

 Being an author, I like to believe that my works have their own little place on the creative timeline. To honor the unofficial/official or official/unofficial birth of this country (depending on who you talk to), I am giving away a free copy of my new children’s book, The Golden Rule. 



This story has already received lots of praise and is in contention for numerous awards and I always feel the need to give back when my readers offer me love.

The giveaway starts TOMORROW and runs until my birthday, August 4th. (Yes I share a birthday with Barack Obama AND Louis Armstrong – I have some might big shoes to fill haha)



So hop on tomorrow and sign up. Get you sister and your brother and your parents and all of your cousins to enter as well. Someone is going to win. It might as well be you.

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