There’s always more

Thanks to everyone who entered the amazon giveaway of my children’s book, The Golden Rule! In just one week it received 304 entries and the lucky winner should be receiving their copy today.


I am always shocked by the interest and support my readers (new and long-time) offer. It keeps me going when I question my abilities. We all get there. But today isn’t just another Monday, it’s also a day to celebrate another victory.


The New Apple Ebook Award seals are in and production of a new-improved-cover for this little book is on the way. I’m always striving to give you what you deserve. I love suggestions and feedback. There is no greater feeling than getting to make someone happy with one of your stories.


You can view the 2017 Summer New Apple Award winner’s list here (because indie books are often hidden gems waiting to find your brains):

new apple

Many of us are constantly working. Most authors love what they do, despite any complaints we have. It’s a give and take and I take the good with the bad because all in all, I’m too addicted to words to ever let any negativity stop me. haha


There’s a lot that goes into getting the story out, editing it, making sure everything is ready, finding the right publishing route, and then marketing the hell out of it. Awards season is in full swing and we have just over 2 weeks before we find out who are this year’s Moonbeam Award winners.

The waiting is the hardest part of being a writer. You finish your work and have to wait to edit (if you want to actually catch mistakes), wait to hear back from publishers or formatters, wait for the release day, wait for sales reports, reviews, and awards announcements. It’s stressful. One could bit through their cheek or destroy every fingernail trying to find patience.


Thankfully there are always more stories to tell.


There’s a world of new experiences to dive into, and people to meet who remind you that being a writer is always far more than just selling a book or trying to win accolades. I like to take a cue from Patrick Dennis’s Auntie Mame and “Live!” because as we know from his brilliant writing…


“Life is a banquet and most poor bastards are starving to death!”

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