Time’s A Ticking


You only have until tomorrow night to enter to win a FREE copy of my new, award winning, critically acclaimed, children’s book! (I’ve never gotten to say all those things together before)


Free books are the best way an author can say thanks to everyone for their support. It also helps remind us to have patience and appreciate our successes. Every review, comment, message, and personal conversation I’ve had with readers about this story helps me to keep going. I am so very humbled by the love and kindness that has been offered to me.


Writers long for every story to find a home. We’re hungry to make every new work better than the last. I don’t know if I’ll ever achieve the level of skill I’m working toward, but I am happy to have readers who seem to get me. They get it.


Acceptance and understanding isn’t always easy to come by. As a Pagan I’ve met a few individuals who refuse to even try to find our commonalities, but there are far more people who have shown me that we are all connected. It is the people who get that that I always wish to celebrate.



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