Remember What You Have

Writers over-examine everything. The current political climate and all the social media mobs to join can easily rope any of us into some serious negativity. There are a lot of issues we have to face in life, personally, communally, and within society as a whole and beyond into the global community.

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I’ve had to work hard at trying to focus on the good. We should always acknowledge what is wrong and work to fix those problems, but doing so without becoming jaded or cynical is a battle of balance and wit. It’s easy to get mad and just be angry, it takes more skill to see everything and still continue to spread the love.


A distant friend of mine is following her son’s lead and taking November to post 1 thing their family is thankful for each day. These posts may not seem like much at first, but it’s only day 3 and I find them to be one of the highlights of my timeline. How simple. How easy it is to just acknowledge 1 good thing and voice that in order to let others know that there is always good in the world.


I wish I were that consistent. I am a walking ball of organized chaos. I’m messy, my desk is always cluttered, but I know where everything is and how to get where and what I need when it’s time. Instead of one post a day, I wanted to sit down today and push off all the self-doubties. Because no matter how many rejections, formatting issues, editing snafus, or sales drops an author has, we are damn lucky to get paid to write. Never forget that (I’m mostly saying this to myself)


So here’s a list of things I am thankful for in the world of my writing:

(In no particular order)

  1. Notebooks: I have to longhand or I will get lost online trying to type a first draft (too many cat videos!!!)
  2. Tea: I hate coffee *GASP* I know, I know what the hell kind of writer am I?
  3. My Mentors: My writing Yoda Mark Pearson tops all of these peops, but there is a network of writers and editors who have given me better advice than any inspirational quote could.
  4. Free Parks: My walk n writes are so important for the health of my body and my brain. (Fresh air may be the antidote to writer’s block because I never get it)
  5. Other Authors: I learn so much from the successes of others (And many authors are much more friendly than any of us could imagine…at least to other authors haha)
  6. Editors: You guys are the real heroes (For real, without a good editor most of us would suck).
  7. My toys: Seriously, some days you need to play with desk toys to remember the fun of writing. (Slimer and my TMNT toys have gotten me through a lot of self-hatred haha)
  8. All my Rejections: Scratch that, MOST of my rejections (I have had 1 or 2 that were just rude and inspired me to create my own blacklist. Everyone has one).
  9. The Acceptances: Of course. You may not learn as much from acceptances as some rejections, but they keep you from quitting.
  10. Literacy in General: Regardless of the current state of the educational system, humanity is experiencing one of the highest literacy rates EVER! (That is pretty awesome)
  11. The Kiddos: Young minds are little balls of inspiration. They remind us to stay silly and keep having fun. (If you’re having a rough time, go play with a kid…one you know of course, with a parent’s permission haha)
  12. Wacky Pens: I don’t use them often (I turn into a cat batting at the shiney plaything) but they do add some zest to a dreary writing session.
  13. Reviews: Every review matters. (Good or bad, anyone who takes the time to record their thoughts on your work is valuable to your growth as an author).
  14. Paying Publications: With the rise in “experience” as payment, those magazines and publishers who pay just to publish your work are golden. (The better you get and the more you build your name, the more $ you’ll see coming in)
  15. My Crazy Brain: Sometimes I hate it. I can live off of very little sleep for days and then pass out for a while. The ideas never stop. I get super focused on one and go nuts over it until my brain fogs into goo and then it’s time to move on. It’s often difficult to translate what I see vs what I perceive because of the dyslexia, but that’s common enough and I’ve dealt with it for decades so I’m finally in a good groove. (Your ideas are your own. How you translate them to your writing is what matters most).

I’m gonna stop at 15 (since it’s my favorite number. For reasons of which I do not know). I could go on about everything, my family, my life; all of it. For now I’ll cut things off here and leave the more personal stuff for the end of the month.


So what are YOU thankful for right now?

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