A Wish for Giants by Aaron Dunbar (book review)


Some books are so original that they surpass a writer’s vision. I found myself  immediately interested in A Wish for Giants mainly because the story itself held a lot of heart. You have a young cancer patient whose only request for the Make A Wish volunteer is to meet Bigfoot. The premise alone had plenty of tension and emotion.

The characters are slightly underdeveloped, but relatable enough that they carry the story. Some of the stylistic choices used for the language were not my favorite, but again despite this the impact of the dialogue was driven through the meaning of each character’s devotion.

If you only read for shock value, this story may not be for you. It is not intended to be a thriller. What they author did here was create a unique plot that captivates the reader through ingenuity and a sense of purpose. The chapter titles offer some reveals that take away a bit of mystery that would have been added with differed wording, and yet you walk away from this reading experience with a smile.

The ending has its own twist and does something that most stories don’t; it wraps everything up with an abrupt finality that suits the situation. Most of the time when authors cut a story to soon it can hinder the entire book, but Dunbar pulled it off in such a way that you have to read the last line a few times before you are ready to walk away.

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