Quotey Fun

I hope to never be one of those authors who runs around quoting myself. I loathe self-important egotists who feel that everything they write has to be some kind of life changing masterpiece. Sometimes the lighthearted is more important.


But my most recently published piece, Freedom of Voice, does has some serious moments (along with the usual silliness). Featured in the newly released, My Wandering Uterus, collection, I do find it fun to go back and see what I love and hate about my own work.


If you haven’t gotten a chance to pick up this anthology, here are a few of my favorite lines that are featured alongside numerous other talented writers.



“My schedule became tighter than a corset on a Victorian prostitute.”

“As a dyslexic with rapid thought, my hands often fly over the page way too fast, and my typing isn’t much better.”

“The past always has a way of repeating itself, but thankfully it’s never exactly the same.”

“I always have notebooks lying around the house. They seem to turn up whenever I’m looking for something important—diapers, shoes, my big cooking spoon—but when I need one, there is no paper to be found.”

“Getting married and trying to conform to society’s standards did not work. No one can cut a part of who they are out completely and expect to be successful. It is when I found my creative voice refusing to be silenced that things started moving forward again.”

“Sharing my love of stories has led me to find more acceptance and insight than any classroom learning I ever received, but without those technical skills, I would not have been able to do it all.”



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