Get it While it’s Hot off the Press!

It’s release day over here in my world and I can find no better time than the 1st day of Spring (Ostara for us Pagany people).


Different kinds of books and stories fill us with a broad perspective. Throw in the word UTERUS and  that’s just fun. It’s like screaming moist at a large percentage of the population. I love words, all kinds of words (especially the ones that make people stop and think). When I found out that “Wandering Uterus” was once classified as an illness I had to read up about it.


Women have lived through a long history of proving themselves. The modern publishing industry is filled with diverse voices and numerous platforms for everyone, it’s a great time to be a writer and I am humbled to have my work featured in this compilation.


Never once have I felt that being a woman has hindered my ability as an author. Most everyone I’ve worked with has offered encouragement and support. I can’t imagine where I would be 50, 100, or 200 years ago.


This book is filled with stories of female travels, but our male counterparts are never shunned from their part in our lives and our writing. Take a read and see for yourself!

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