It’s Creeping Your Way

I’m thanking my past self today. I’m also thanking my lucky stars, and the gods/god/whatever you believe in.

Earlier this week I was in a serious accident. There are some injuries, but the one I feel the most is my hand. A writer’s hands mean so much to them and my work is suffering, BUT I promise everyone (especially my readers) that I’ve worked hard enough over the summer that you will have plenty of material to keep you satisfied until I am (hopefully) all healed up and ready regale you with my craziness once more.

I have multiple stories and poems coming out next month, but my pride and joy is, Scent of Flesh. This dark fantasy/horror tale will be featured along some BIG NAMES (soon to be revealed) in Crystal lake Publishing’s upcoming anthology, Fantastic Tales of Terror!

Get ready to go wendigo hunting because Annie Oakley’s secret past will come to light in this book of stories filled with well-known people and places.

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