Little Toot (a 5 year old’s tale)


Sometimes you just need to let the kids tell a story. My 5 year old reminds me of the lighter side of writing every day, and told me I should share her latest book to make someone smile or every laugh today.

pg 2

Little Toot was a bunny who ran away.

pg 3

She was mad at the other bunnies for making fun of her.

pg 4

Her favorite thing to do was toot.

pg 5

But the other bunnies said, “You are stinky.”

pg 6

So she left.

pg 7

Then she went to another world.

pg 8

But everyone tooted there.

pg 9

It was too stinky.

pg 10

So she went back home.

pg 11

And she only tooted sometimes.

The End

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