It stinks when a publisher goes under. For whatever reason companies don’t always succeed.

I always prefer traditional publishing and continue working to break into the mainstream scene, but when agents and major magazines aren’t willing to take a chance on a story you love, there is always the indie market. Unfortunately it is filled with many more hurdles than the Big 5 (or is it 6 now), but still less of a headache and less looked down upon than self-publishing. When the publisher of my science-fantasy trilogy closed I accepted that as part of the industry.

It hurt, but there are always other options.

This novella series was well-received but underdeveloped in some areas. I walked away from it for a time. The importance of returning to old tales called to me and I found homes for older stories after sharpening them with newer skills. Then an inkling sparked my curiosity and I wondered about reprints.

I was up for “author of the year” with Bards and Sages magazine so I tested out a re-edit of the first of my novella series. It was just under their word count cut-off and I figured if she’s reborn another print run in their anthology will breed a new existence. Hope revived me.

Thoughts of subbing the 2nd and 3rd stories in years to come lingered, but would By the Stars win?

She earned 3rd place and will be printed in a new volume with the other winners and best of the year in later 2019!

This book is a phoenix. She cannot die. Some stories don’t make it very long. Others never even get a shot, but if you love a story enough, force it to keep breathing, it will find a way to survive.

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