Traveling with Aliens

I don’t like to base a story on a title. Titles aren’t easy to find, but sometimes they sound so good you have to start with one. This latest piece was supposed to be called: Never Travel with Angry Aliens. But of course as soon as I sat down to write it, the characters pulled me from the original idea and made it their own.

That’s how it usually goes. The creative process is too fun to tone down with constraints. Writing is the art. It needs to live free without walls, stop signs, or roadblocks. Editing is where you have to build a box around it to make the story marketable.

Editing this one continued with each rejection because it needed more grooming. Before it found its home I had to chop off the entire first section because I realized it wasn’t the beginning, just backstory. That happens. Sometimes we know what we’re writing when we start, and others, the flow just needs to take things where they need to go.

I’m always up for input and making necessary changes to give readers the best of my silliness. This latest work is for middle grade readers, but also the young at heart. Cuz you’re never too old for nonsense.

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