4 Meditations to Manage Mental Illness


My birth month is almost upon us. #LeosUnite

There is something about August that strikes me. I’m a fire sign (and true to that) who loves water and snow. I’m loud and obnoxious at times, and then others I just like to listen and absorb. I’m bipolar for sure.

I was diagnosed at 16 after I tried to kill myself. I’m not a fan of pills because that’s how I tried to end my life, so to help others who may be struggling with or without medication I wrote an article about how I keep it all together.

People who don’t know me think I have it all together just because I’m confident and driven. I fall apart. I break down, just like everybody else. The only thing that sets me apart is my discipline. I have worked very hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle to balance my brain. Meditation and my connection to the Gods and the world around me is a HUGE part of that.

So I wrote about it.

My latest article is featured in the August issue of Witchology Magazine (courtesy of Wild Goddess magick), titled: 4 Meditations to Manage mental Illness.

These methods are not a one stop fix-all remedy, but they provide a lot of inner support that people need to give themselves.

If you or anyone you know can benefit from this, give it a look.


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