Dyslexic Author is my Favorite Oxymoron


Why would anyone ever want to try and be a writer if they’re dyslexic?

I don’t know. I’m dyslexic, but I never actively made the decision to be a writer. Someone suggested I write about my experiences. I did and sent the work to a publisher and it was picked up right away. Fan mail showed up in my email asking for more; and thus the cycle began.

I would have never become an author without you guys. My readers are the reason I keep going. You are the reason that despite my annoying brain, my work is based in translating words to a page.

The human mind does what it needs to. It adapts or adjusts based on the individual needs of its owner.

When facing a learning disability anyone can get around it. There are methods and techniques one develops to mold their own writing process.

I wrote about this in more detail in the piece linked to this post.

Everyone has some kind of obstacle barring their progress, and anyone can overcome it with hard work, determination, and talent.


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