Podcasty Time


I came onto the Bryan Aiello podcast to talk speculative fiction writing and we got into it all. The funny stuff, the spiritual; even a little on coronavirus.

Check it out and tell me how annoying I am!

7 thoughts on “Podcasty Time

  1. Brothers Campfire says:

    Jessica, I know you have a busy schedule and you are classy. Would you be willing to sing a song at the “Puking Peasant Inn” for the fictional patrons? A recording or YouTube link is what I am looking for!

    Just so you know, I am quite smitten with the blob song for some reason!


      1. Brothers Campfire says:

        I am so excited! I cannot believe that the Amazing Creator of Wacky Wednesday’s will grace the Puking Peasant with her Presence! Thanks, Jessica!

        Brother’s Campfire

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