A Heretic’s Devotional (Review and Quotes)

My favorite part of being an author is meeting new people. Getting out in the community and learning about readers and other writers expands my frame-of-reference. It also gifts me with friendships that enrich my life.

I met Beth Sage Owens at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic years ago. We were vendor neighbors. She and her husband made the experience even more enjoyable and since the first year, we always try to get a space next to each other.

This year the Pagan Picnic has been cancelled and though we are all sad about it, I’ve been lucky enough to correspond with Beth. She is well, but best of all she sent me her new book: A Heretic’s Devotional.


It holds the same vibrant spirit as my new release: Walk Your Path (A Magical Awakening), but with different influences, and so I read it in a single night. It too is a memoir style nonfiction book with some helpful insights about finding one’s spiritual path. I highly recommend it to everyone-being that it’s less about religion and more about loving life and growing through age.

It IS a self-published title, and many of you know that I am NOT a fan of most self-published works, thankfully Beth’s story is full of well-crafted writing that displays the better side of taking full control of your writing career.

Here are my favorite quotes from the book to give you an idea of its meaning:

  1. “We owe a wealth of gratitude to the many heretics that have gone before us, those that had thought independently, and courageously, and dared to step outside the boundaries of conventional thought.”
  2. “The decisions we make in life determine our circumstances, and our circumstances have great bearing on forming who we are and what we are to become.”
  3. “Fear is a trap that can certainly hold one captive and immobilized. Perfect love makes one as bold as a lion and destroys all fear in its conquest for peace and truth.”
  4. “Perfect love casts out all fears and someday, this love will carry us home.”
  5. “I really feel like life is a tide pool of sorts”
  6. “It will never be up to the human mind to fully understand the fullness of the mysteries of the Universe; but what we have been given-all of us-are the universal rhythms of birth, life, death, and rebirth.”

The author also handcrafts her own soaps and lotions (which are my favorite). You can contact her here for more information:


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