All Things Strange and Weird Anthology

The publishing industry seems to be mostly on hold for the rest of the year. A lot of projects have been pushed back or cancelled altogether. It’s rough. Readers aren’t buying like thy used to. They weren’t before this, but it’s now ten times worse.

BUT some stories are just meant to be published. Not every writing gig is on hold. I recently signed a contract to include my story, “Vocal Roots,” in a YA anthology called: All Things Strange and Weird.

It’s very fitting. My piece follows a singer who loses one audience to find another. An illness hinders her abilities but aids her in discovering another.

I don’t want to give too much away, but communicating with trees and other plants is def in there haha #OfCourse #ThatsHowIRoll

The release date will be May the 4th 2021 and it’s a perfect day since USA Today Bestselling author Stephanie Hanson is heading this project with one of her awesome sci-fi stories. I’m super stoked for this opportunity and know that all of your spec fic peops will love it!

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