Sick of Superheroes

Can I just say it? I used to love comic book super heroes. They were different and fun.

Then Disney got their claws into them and suddenly they’re political tools pushing social justice identity politics propaganda with “witty banter” that my ten year old could write. Sure, the second comic characters jumped into film they were changed forever but damn if things haven’t gone from cool to bland.

I was lucky enough to see Blade and Spawn stand on their own. They didn’t need digital blackface to gain an audience (as fun as black Batman MIGHT be, it’s ridiculous, he’ll be a lesbian soon too, I’m sure #Woke).

It’s insulting to see “female characters” being raised from male names. It’s as if Marvel and DC have no balls left. They’re too afraid to take the risks that gave them the backbone of their entire operation. It’s easier to just change a character’s gender, race, or religion than to introduce something fresh and new. It might make a little money, but it’s lazy, and it’s also why indie comics are hopping.

Todd McFarlane is king right now. He said goodbye to this BS and created his own company ages ago, and he is on top of the world.

When angry mobs started attacking random comic creators and throwing the every popular “you’re a racist” accusations at innocent white men just because they were born white with something dangling between their legs, the smart ones flocked to #comicsgate. Anyone with half a brain can do enough research to realize that these creators are NOT nazis. They’re just so talented that jealous hacks go after them to try and nab their jobs.

But the joke is on the new hires who “succeeded” because both Marvel and DC cut their pay rates in half. They’re screwing artists left and right while indie artists are making thousands, if not more, crowd funding their projects with fan based love.

I grew up loving Swamp Thing, The Flash, fucking Captain America! But I was a kid. Comics were always fun and campy.

You can respect what movies have done for the X-Men and all the other franchises, but in all honesty modern day seriousness never had any place in these stories. They were light-hearted myths that have now been hijacked.

The new batman straight up looks like a cheap knock-off Black Panther. I really wish Blade would just kill him.

Maybe that’s the point. We can’t have the old heroes anymore, they’re not woke enough for corporate America’s ploys…

And this is exactly why I started watching/and enjoying The Boys. I usually read the comics first. I’ve got the first issue and love that the main character’s role was made for Simon Peg. He’s a bit old for it now, so he plays the dad in the show, but it was developed by Eric Kripke and is all about hating on superheros in a different way.

I’ve grown so sick of seeing 30, 40, and 50 year olds acting like little babies gushing over freaking Iron Man. Nobody gave a crap about him before Robert Downy Jr took that damn role. No one.

I’m pissed at what Hollywood has done to comics. I don’t have (or want to have) 3 hours to devote to an “epic” cash grab. #NoThanks

At this point I’d rather watch a show about killing superheros. If we’re going to play the “realism” game, The Boys seems to have hit it. Scarlett Johanssen wouldn’t be crying about her sterilized uterus, she’d be covering up how many innocent bystanders she killed trying to knock off the “bad guy.”

I love the mixed up rough and tumble story lines that blend absurdity with realism and see how they go together. I like comparisons that make fun of every damn cliche.

Now, I fear the show is jumping the political shark. Writers, artists, and creators can be serious assholes at times. We think our work is so meaningful that we sometimes feel as if our politics matter to everyone. As untrue as that may be it bleeds into the work and that’s when audiences start get alienated.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I still don’t put politics, religion, and money out there all day everyday as if it’s talking about the damn weather. There’s so much political hate in the media, we don’t need any more.

That’s why the first rule of entertainment is: DON’T PREACH!! (or at least not too damn much)

If I wanted to hear someone preach, I’d go to church. Apparently there’s a whole generation of egotists who never got this. And a lot of people are learning the hard way.

Who knows. The older I get the more I see plot holes developing. It’s that whole “gift and a curse” thing. We all deal with it…

All I’m trying to say is, I’m sick of mainstream super hero everything, and for now I’m glad someone’s made a show that gets that.

8 thoughts on “Sick of Superheroes

  1. Jim Noonan says:

    I suppose things change over time, but if the ethos that existed from the early days of comics prevailed, it’s unlikely a women would be able to post her opinion in public without it being it being scandalous, so maybe change isn’t all so bad.

    And another thing, what the hell is wrong with “social justice?” You’d rather celebrate social in justice? Surely that’s not the case.

      1. Jim Noonan says:

        But we’re talking here about super hero stories. What due process is expected in that context?

        Anyway, just my thoughts, spurred by the writing, which is quite effective. And I agree, The Boys is very good!

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