Colleen Oefelein and Cancel Culture

Diversity of thought has been and always will be the most important form of diversity. I was raised in an area full of immigrants from India, China, Bosnia, and Somalia. People are people to me. But that’s somehow considered “racist” to some who wish to categorize us all and re-segregate.

Continuing to divide by gender, sexual preference, and pizza topping choices just makes things worse. (Pineapple belongs on my pizza!) Never in all my life did I imagine we would be circling back to the issues my grandparents took on. Never did I think we would regress so far as to purposely ruin the livelihoods of good people just for the sake of politics and ill-informed public pressure.

Cancel culture is the equivalent of tarring and feathering someone in a public square. It is modern day witch hunting that does not give those accused the fair trial that everyone is entitled to in this country.

There is a reason I don’t support the far-left OR the far-right. They’re flip sides of the same coin. My husband said it best, “It’s as if the democrats and republicans are having a race to see who can get to fascism first.”

It is not white against black, man against woman, gay against straight. It always has and always will be the elites against the rest of us, and until we stop dividing ourselves and fighting we will continue to be conquered.

My latest piece is in defense of Colleen Oefelein. She is a white Christian literary agent who was fired for simply branching away from Big Tech social media. I guess her employer didn’t care that she’s also a disabled air force veteran who does volunteer work with kindergartners. They just wanted their politics to “look good” on Twitter; a social media platform that allows child pornography, but doesn’t like “conservatives” because goddess forbid, they too should have rights.

Read on if you care:

2 thoughts on “Colleen Oefelein and Cancel Culture

  1. Mike Jones says:

    Good morning Jessica. I just read your article at AT. I agree with your solution to this spreading Cancel Culture: start competing businesses that do not censor positive alternative views.

    My limited experience with friends who are liberal and woke leaves me uneasy. I’m not sure they can stop this purge they have now begun in earnest, canceling “infidels” with thoughts they viscerally hate. Adding to this unease, the more they cancel and segregate and silence, the more this hate will grow and, sadly, eventually, be reciprocated. Can this be stopped? I’ve always loved the quote “nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”, but never considered that the idea(s) might be divisive, destructive, and enforced. Yes, uneasy.

    1. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

      You and me both. Assuming that someone who disagrees with you is bad or evil just leads to dehumanization and when we dehumanize others things really get scary. Debating with younger liberals is eye-opening for me. So many college students think that they can just call you names and that’s how you “win.” That lacks empathy, understanding, and all of the principles which encourage free thinking and respect. Now is not the time to just shake your head and walk away. We have to be mindful of how we spend our time, money, and interactions.

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