Trees are now racist? (Please Gods NO!)

Our clown world is running off of making satire reality. I swear. When a high school mascot can’t even be a tree, because trees can be linked to lynchings I guess the hyperpolitical racially-obsessed extremists should stop breathing too, because you know… racists breath oxygen, and if we’re axing anything connected to anything or anyone racist, breathing has got to go.

See how that works?

Logic isn’t taught in schools anymore. And it’s showing.

You can laugh it off with me in my latest piece for the American Thinker, or label me a racist for loving trees. I don’t really care at this point. I won’t play these games. I refuse to judge people based on anything other than how they act and react to others.

Trees give us life. That makes them cool in my book. End of story haha

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