Last night some idiot tried to hold up my corner gas station

Our corner gas station is close to the highway so we get a bit of drive through traffic, but it’s OUR gas station.

My husband goes there a lot, as do most of the dudes in our neighborhood because even though we’re in a state without a mask mandate, most stores “require” them but the gas stations don’t. So my hubsy goes to get gas and walks in to pay. He knows the employees and is talking with them when some fat teenager in a ski mask walks in.

He’s clearly not a criminal mastermind because he sees a bunch of big dudes in the store and rushes to the bathroom to hide. He screams, runs out of the bathroom into the backroom and tries to steal a crate of energy drinks.

My husband blocks one door. One of the employees blocks the other. The main cashier says, “Fuck, I forgot to bring my gun to work today.”

So the only other employee, an old lady stocking shelves, curses and goes into the backroom to stop the perp. She tackles him, the cashier drags him out and the police come…

Welcome to Missouri

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