Llewellyn Con 2021: Finding Magic In Nature


I had a great time encouraging everyone to find a deeper meaning and discussing my new book, “The Magic of Nature.” I didn’t lay out notes or talking points for this one. It was just organic. Shooting from the lip.

But of course, everywhere I go signals and connections just don’t work. haha I’ve crashed computers just by walking by them. My sister used to say it’s because I’m too magical. IDK, maybe I’m just full of too much energy or drawn to places with more trees than the frequencies can handle. Either way, I wish the recording turned out a bit clearer, but I had fun and connecting with readers was great.

If you check it out and have questions you can always email me at jessicamariebaumgartner@protonmail.com or bug me on here.

And of course, “The Magic of Nature,” is available through Llewellyn Worldwide right now:


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