My Abortion (Regret) Story

I’ve been trying to get this published for 2 years. But apparently women’s magazines aren’t interested in telling the full story. A recent study found that at least 1/3rd of women who’ve had an abortion experience some kind of psychological issues.

I wasn’t raped or molested. My abortion represents the 99% of abortions performed. Even so, for me, It was an indescribable horror, nothing to be celebrated or cheered in favor of. That is MY experience.

I don’t care what Stevie Knicks or other drug addict stars say, MY experience wasn’t a career starter or a life-saver.

Now that being said, I could never be 100 percent against abortion rights for early pregnancy, it may be a necessary evil for extreme circumstances or for women who have been led to believe that they’re not receiving health care unless they can chose to terminate a pregnancy, but once the sensory system has begun to develop and a growing baby can feel pain that is where I draw a solid immovable line. Many doctors are unsure of when exactly this is, some think it’s as early as 8 weeks some say it’s closer to 20.

Either way, inflicting pain on a small helpless creature is wrong, no matter where you come from or why you do it. It’s the same reason I don’t eat veal, and I get unfertilized eggs from farmers without roosters.

No movement, no slogans will ever change my mind on that.

If you want to read about my personal abortion, and why it will never be something I gloat about, read on:

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