Listen to me on the Millennial Pagan Podcast!

I had such a great time talking with Autumn & Jera! We got to talk all things spirituality, nature, and magic.

There were some technical difficulties. I always end up living in areas that have bad connections, and I’m one of those human antennas who has been able to cause computers to crash by just walking by them. Over the years I’ve tried to meditate on that energy to control it, but I was so excited to be on this podcast I don’t know what happened.

Thankfully the sound tech was awesome and we worked it out.

We got to talk about my “coming of witch story.” And witch is such a silly term to me. I’m not a label person but if you have to stamp me, I’m okay with it because I’m very much a Glenda.

But I also got to dish about my new book, The Magic of Nature,” and offer more information about the writing process and my approach to my faith and my connection with my faith.

Please take a listen if you have some time!

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