Back the Blue Efforts Gain More Support in Missouri Legislature

In areas where defunding the police took hold, crime has skyrocketed and somehow people are shocked…

~You mean when we bail out rioters and let them do whatever they want without repercussions, cities go to hell?~

I’m not a fan of the militarization of police forces either. #NoThanks I believe in the individual freedoms and inherent rights that this country was made to stand on. Whether it lived up to its own ideals in the past or not is irrelevant to me. I don’t judge people based on their past, and the same goes for my country.

We have serious issues, but they will not be solved by turning a blind eye to violence, suppressing information, or teaching people to hate themselves and their nation.

Everyday I wake up grateful to live in Missouri. During the pandemic we watched people blindly give up rights when the factual science didn’t back it. My sister wasn’t allowed to wear a plastic face shield into a hospital because they required cloth masks. NEWSFLASH: viruses that pass through droplets can breach the pores in cloth, but they cannot bypass plastic.

The lack of logic is hilarious. I can either get mad or laugh. I prefer laughter.

I was raised to never take my rights for granted, and to answer the call if they are ever threatened. We are on a dangerous path in the US. We have been for some time.

Thankfully, Missouri’s government understands that and is still at least somewhat working for the people. The 2nd amendment wasn’t created just so everyday people could protect themselves from robbers and rapists, it was expressly written the way it was (SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED) so the people, who are supposed to control this government, can fight back if & when it turns on its people. That was the original purpose.

Biden and his F-15 comments are hilarious to me. Apparently he forgot that We, The People own every damn F-15 the United States Military flies. WE paid for them. WE are the ones who own them. WE pay for everything the government owns and operates. The capitol building that was breached on Jan 6th, guess what? It wasn’t really breached because WE, The People own it and if WE, The People want to take a stroll in it because We, The people suspect foul play, then again, WE, The People are allowed, no matter what elitist tyrants say.

I don’t support democrats, republicans, BLM, or the Proud boys. I support the constitution, and the Missouri legislature has worked to ensure that law enforcement does as well so that if & when the federal government tries to mobilize police forces against the people, our peace officers can say no, take a stand, and support the people with the backing of the state government.

There’s a reason that the new bills were signed after The Second Amendment Preservation Act. These are ensuring our rights in times when federal efforts are working to oppress them (whether you see it or not).

I don’t care where you fall on the political spectrum, The Biden administration recently admitted to controlling information via social media and mainstream news outlets. They’re not even hiding it anymore. If you thought Trump was Hitler, this should alarm you even more.

I work in information, I don’t trust anything but my gut and direct sources. Maybe that’s why I became a reporter. Because I believe in truth for all, and I feel it is my duty to give everyone the facts. It is up to them to decide whether they will care, believe, or do something about what is really going on.

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8 thoughts on “Back the Blue Efforts Gain More Support in Missouri Legislature

    1. River Dixon says:

      They just want to replace the current policing system with one of their own. The loudest proponents of defunding the police want a total security state with local jurisdiction replaced with federal.

  1. River Dixon says:

    I support our police, but they need to remember that support hinges on them upholding the constitution and refusing to enforce unconstitutional local and/or state edict. Once they choose to violate the rights of free Americans, that support is gone.

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