Parents Group Demands Netflix Be Investigated For “Child Pornography”

I’ve become that old lady who shakes her head and says, “Damn. Times have changed.” I am against censorship, so honestly I don’t care what Netflix does or if this goes to court. But then again I dropped Netflix way back when the “Cuties” bullshit started and haven’t missed it for a second.

The best content out there isn’t mainstream anyway. Amazon, Hulu, Hollywood… all these big stuffed shirt corporate entities are so far off the mark when trying to “give the people what they want” that it’s laughable. But most people are so starved for something good in entertainment now that they’ll accept mediocre crap and pretend it holds up because it’s harder to look and find the indie stuff. Especially since the plandemic destroyed most every damn industry the free market had to offer.

Movies and Television have been a dying industry for years though. Streaming services make it even easier to let big fat Americans sit on their rumps and eat junk while they complain about how oppressed they are. So again, shows like Big Mouth don’t enter my home.

My kids are exposed to intelligent content, so when the neighborhood kids talk about the garbage they’re watching, they usually smile and nod, then come home and tell me about how stupid it sounds. Maybe they’ll get rebellious and watch garbage TV in a few years, hell I’d prefer that to far worse things they could be doing, but the main issue I’ve found with mainstream entertainment was something I wrote about in college: The sexualization of children in the media.

I think that was actually the name of a paper I did for finals in communications class. haha But it’s all there. Back then the number of sex scenes depicting minors was higher than adult sex scenes being produced and it’s only skyrocketed from then.

“In my day…”

I remember when it was considered taboo to show 16 year olds having sex on TV. Show creators defended it for the sake of “realism” but back then 70% of high schoolers were virgins so what they were really doing was normalizing sex for underage kids. And low and behold it’s now about 50/50.

We’ve sexualized everything. Even selling hamburgers. So why not children~

Okay bad joke. But honestly, I don’t care if the whole world’s gone nuts, I know right from wrong and Netflix is wrong. It’s like they’re normalizing sexual activity for middle-schoolers so all those nasty Hollywood elite pedophiles can escape their Epstein connections and rewrite laws to suite their vampiric hideousness.


If you’re still paying Netflix, you’re contributing to this. And if your middle-schooler gets knocked up or decides to become a crack whore you can’t be mad. Because you’re perpetuating this shit.

I guess you can pay for their abortion and run around telling women that killing babies is a health right, or whatever. Sure. Good for you.

Meanwhile I’m homeschooling my kids and preparing them for war, because it should be us against the pedo elites who wish to rape our children, but so many of you are happy sitting around eating fries while laughing at mindless drivel that you don’t care to know everything that goes on behind the scenes.

So good luck?

Anyway, here’s my fucking article haha:

5 thoughts on “Parents Group Demands Netflix Be Investigated For “Child Pornography”

  1. oneta hayes says:

    Smiling at you. But someone needs to set a higher level for lower level. Ah, responsibility. I know the arguments. We have to be like them to reach them. I have eight great granddaughters. I’m sensitive to what they read – actually more to what they watch. Yes, there are “cuties” in the mix. Let’s just say, I don’t have much effect. Too many generations between us. Still smiling at you. Bring back Nancy Drew and those handsome Hardy Boys! 😀

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