Uma Thurman Opens Up About Her Abortion As A Teenager, Calls It Her “Darkest Secret”

Uma Thurman recently wrote a beautiful op-ed about an abortion she had many years ago. I respect the story written from her perspective and understand the pain she went through.

What I don’t understand is how she glosses over some major red flags in order to champion abortion and vilify Texas lawmakers for their heartbeat bill. I have always said I could never be 100% against abortion because no young girl should have to birth her own father’s baby after being molested–incest is a situation where I feel that abortion is most justifiable.

Some people will ask, what about rape? After my 1 and only abortion and the horrific trauma it caused (that still follows me) I could never go through it again.

In discussing this with my daughter she put into words what I didn’t understand I was feeling, she said, “It’s not the baby’s fault.” That simple answer holds the key. Rape is a terrifying prospect. My mother was raped as a virgin and she spent countless hours teaching my sister and I how to protect ourselves and prevent being raped.

She never opened up about the specific details, but when I had my abortion, she told me that my grandmother (a good Irish-Catholic woman with 8 kids) told her if she was pregnant she could have an abortion. She never imagined she could have been pregnant from that one experience, and was not, but she recently expressed to me that if a baby resulted from that event, she would have kept it.

My daughter has told me numerous times that if something like that happened to her, she would keep the baby. And I’ve sworn to help her in any way I can if that should come to pass.

Nowadays we have the morning-after-pill and it’s over-the-counter, so I really don’t understand why abortion hasn’t become obsolete, but..

A dear fiend of mine (who I haven’t talked to in a while and should probably call) was the result of a rape. His mother wouldn’t abort him and he walks this earth as one of the most intelligent, caring, honorable men I’ve ever met. He has helped his ex raised 3 boys that aren’t even his because he understands the love between children and those who rear them.

His relationship with his mother has been a complicated one and his grandparents were the ones who truly guided him into adulthood. But his mother gave him life despite her trauma. What an amazing, selfless, maternal sacrifice.

Not enough people understand the meaning of this anymore: Sacrifice. We live in exceptionally selfish times filled with concerns about me-time, me-ness, and all of that rot.

So yes, my views on abortion are definitely not mainstream. I don’t believe that it’s better to abort a baby just because you’re “disadvantaged,” or young.

I was raised poor. My dad made good money working in construction but he was an alcoholic and wasted it all and often stole from my mom when she got her paychecks. So the kids on welfare had more than we did. Instead of using that as an excuse in life, I’ve used poverty as a reminder to work hard for everything I have and to enjoy the little things. I don’t need much: just a roof over my head, the clothes on my back, and some food.

We live in times where we have every luxury. Our poor live better than the rich in 3rd world countries. We have every opportunity to work hard and make a comfortable life for ourselves yet we’re the society that screams the loudest about poverty.


Uma Thurman’s story ties into this. She used her abortion experience to vilify the new Texas abortion law (which does not allow an abortion once the baby has a heartbeat) because she worries about “disadvantaged women.”

But she admits that she was preyed upon by a much older man when she was a teenager, and that when a pregnancy resulted from that, she was coerced into aborting a baby she wanted to keep. She describes heartbreak and pain, all things I experienced because I was coerced into aborting my 1st baby as well and I know that pain. It never ends. It will live within me forever. And based on her account, I believe she feels the same.

That’s what makes this so bizarre. She describes her experience with saddness but then promotes abortion and encourages other women to get one. It’s as if she refuses to admit that she was a victim and that abortion scarred her for life.

Please read on if you want my entire perspective on this. You don’t have to agree. Just know that most women who don’t support abortion are often women who had abortions and regret it:

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