Silent No More

It’s hard talking about this. Not because so many women will disagree with me, but because they will argue, hate me, drag me through the mud, and vilify me instead of respecting that I have come to a strong conclusion based on research, experience, and conviction.

I have the opportunity to speak at the March for Life in January.

And I want to.

My abortion was 20 years ago but the pain will never leave me. The lie that a growing fetus is “just a clump of cells” is a marketing strategy. So is the slogan “abortion is health care.” And after witnessing the medical tyranny and destruction of body sovereignty (that once was a pillar of our medical practices) during the pandemic, “My body my choice” was never about medical rights; it was always, and still remains, a cheap narrative made to convince young women that they don’t have to “worry” about the “burden” of motherhood.

~Because our maternal rights are apparently “slavery” in the free world~… where mothers have careers, endless child care options, support groups, and more birth control options than any other society in recorded history…

Everyone has the right to believe what they feel is best. I know what it’s like to be on the other side. To normalize the killing of the most vulnerable humans as if it’s nothing. But I know the other side now. I am older and wiser and I felt the life severed, the pain of emptiness after choosing to do something wrong.

The lie that abortion is better than poverty discredits me and every woman who worked her ass off to build a better life for herself after being born poor. We do not live in feudalist China. This isn’t Stalin’s Russia or Phenom Phenn in the 1970s. Women in this country have every opportunity and luxury to do better for themselves whether they have children or not.

So I take notice when rich elites condescend to young women and try to convince them that abortion is better than motherhood if you’re not rich.

Wealth comes in many forms.

Family is a form of wealth that many people overlook, and as we continue to promote selfish endeavors over maturity and responsibility, mental illness has only skyrocketed. This is not a coincidence.

My children helped me heal from the trauma of my abortion. My family gives me purpose and meaning as well as support, comfort, and love when I want to give up on everything.

Sure, not everyone has the same needs, but we can all benefit from support, love, and comfort; from respecting life and our natural human connection that begins with a tiny heartbeat.

I’ve been censored and my story was suppressed for too long. The mainstream narrative runs the way it does because of control and influence from powerful officials who make a lot of money off of frivolity. But I will not be silenced. I will not “lay back and be quiet.”

Most women who are against abortion are women who have had one. That should tell you something.

If you aren’t rolling your eyes, or “literally shaking” because I’ve expressed a viewpoint that makes you angry, please, read on:

7 thoughts on “Silent No More

  1. weedjee says:

    Nice post, you’re a strong woman, abortion could be a taboo world and according to scot friends your feelings as driving with the brakes on!, fortunately you’re going to better times.

  2. Dawn Pisturino says:

    I admire your bravery and conviction! As a registered nurse who has worked in both OB/GYN and mental health, I have witnessed the callous attitude of some women towards their own babies and the aftermath of having an abortion. It’s been documented that many women turn to drugs and alcohol after having an abortion, feel guilt and a sense of loss, and wonder what their child would have been like in the future. Abortion is NOT a victimless crime, and women do NOT have a license to kill just because they’re women.

  3. oneta hayes says:

    “Family is a form of wealth that many people overlook” – a beautiful and true statement. Sometime after I was fifty years old, my mother told my sisters and me that she had been doing some family records and found that her mother, my Little Gram, had been pregnant with her before her marriage to my grandfather. That means she was unmarried and pregnant in the early 1900’s. Not an easy life. But I am so thankful for a young man and a young woman who decided to “make it a family” and gave me a right to live. Sweet story you have to tell, Jessica. Keep the good news coming. There is hope, love and lots of help for single mothers and babies, also lots of love for adoptees.

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